There are a few things you can do to help your pup! First, fill the Hub with super high-value treats — the good stuff, whatever makes them happy! And let your dog see you filling it. Even if you eventually switch to regular kibble, it often helps motivate dogs to explore the Hub if you use high-value treats at first. Also be sure to remove any easier sources of food that your dog could get to instead. Dogs are very efficient, and will be less likely to engage with the Hub if they know they can get food more easily elsewhere! Your dog may also be less interested in exploring the Hub after mealtime, so encourage them to use the Hub before eating a meal. 

It may also help your dog learn that they can actively cause the Hub to provide food if you point to the touchpads, or even place treats on them so that your pup trigger a touchpad while eating the treats. Keep in mind that while the Hub’s touchpads and lights are intuitive for humans, understanding that they are meaningful can take dogs weeks!

For some more tips and advice that will help increase your pup's motivation and get them engaging with the Hub, check out our Trainer Tips video series featuring our Chief Dog Trainer, Graham Bloem

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