The current version of the CleverPet Hub is optimized to support one dog, but we’ve had homes with more than one dog use CleverPet without a problem. It depends on the dogs’ personalities, and you know them better than we ever could–you can best judge whether to share CleverPet between pups.

With that said, for now, multiple dogs playing with one CleverPet is like multiple people trying to play a one-player video game. Tracking food intake and level progression will be off, so the adaptation of the CleverPet won’t be exact to one particular dog. The Hub will provide feedback in response to the behavior of more than one dog, which may confuse the dogs and inhibit learning.

If you would like your dogs to share the Hub, they will need to use it under the same profile, because the Hub and app currently support one animal profile at a time, so setting up a second profile will erase the original one. We look forward to building out the Hub’s capabilities to support more than one animal at a time!

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