If you move the Hub to a new location, get a new WiFi router, or change the name or password of your current WiFi network, you will need to go through setup again. As long as you sign into the app using the same account used for initial setup, your pup can resume their progress in the challenges.

To start, you will need to put your Hub back into “listening mode”, the mode where it can seek a WiFi network:

First, unplug the Hub and remove the dome by pressing and lifting dome’s rear latches.

Plug the Hub back in while the dome is still removed.

Tap the middle touchpad three times (the touchpad will be lit-up blue).

Once all three touchpads start flashing blue, replace the Hub dome within 30 seconds.

The indicator light on the front will begin blinking blue. 

Hooray! Your Hub is now in “listening mode” and ready to connect to WiFi credentials.

Hub still not blinking blue? 

We sometimes see the light go to blinking green instead of blinking blue for one of the following reasons:

  • If you press the middle touchpad too rapidly in a row, the Hub may only register one or two presses instead of three

  • If you do not snap the dome back on the Hub within 30 seconds (it goes by fast!)

Find more information about what your indicator light's color means here.

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