Our ratio of tiles to buttons is designed to maximize your chances of success in teaching buttons while minimizing the cost involved. In particular:

  1. Spacing out sound buttons across multiple HexTiles makes them easier to distinguish from each other, and thus, should improve your learner’s ability to learn and remember them. We strongly discourage filling HexTiles with buttons too quickly, which can overwhelm and confuse learners. Rather, we recommend one button per HexTile, gradually increasing the number of buttons per HexTile as your learner’s vocabulary increases.

  2. More space between FluentPet Sound Buttons means more precise communications. At first, many learners are a bit “sloppy” in their presses, which can lead to problems if the HexTiles are full. Over time, many learners become more skilled, permitting a greater button density, but many teachers will want to preserve the added space, especially if their learners have bigger paws.

  3. Because there’s no “final” vocabulary, it’s almost never the case that every single space in a soundboard will be filled with buttons.

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