The indicator light on the Hub’s dome offers you information about its current state. 

Here is what the Hub can tell you:

When you first start setting up your Hub, a blinking blue light means the Hub is in Listening Mode and ready to be set up using the CleverPet app. If you need to go through setup and the light is not blinking blue, follow the instructions here.

Many of these colors provide information about your Hub's internet connection:

  • After setup is complete, a steady white light means your Hub is successfully online and ready for play.
  • After your Hub is set up, the full startup sequence of lights is blinking green when it is connecting to WiFi, slow blinking white when it is connecting to the CleverPet cloud, and a steady white light when it is successfully playing online. 
  • A steady blue light means the Hub is playing, but in a limited offline mode. The Hub will revert to this mode if it doesn’t get online within about 10 minutes, and includes a limited set of the challenges. Learn more about why your Hub may be in offline mode here.
  • You may also on occasion see a blinking magenta light when a firmware update is being sent to the Hub and a fast flashing white light when the Hub is downloading a new game. 

There are also some helpful indicator lights for troubleshooting:

  • Light off means the Hub is not powered. Check the power cable at the wall and where it connects to the Hub.
  • Slow blinking yellow light is Pup Protect mode, just wait for the system to recover. 
  • Fast flashing yellow means the food pod is recovering, just wait for this to complete.
  • Steady yellow light means the Hub is low on food. Add more food, then open and close the dome. This signals the Hub that food has been added.
  • Steady red light indicates that either the tray or food pod cannot move. Learn more about how to resolve these issues in this article
  • Steady dim light is standby mode, when the Hub is scheduled to be off.

What if my Hub's light is a color not listed here?

  • We've found the yellow indicator light appears a bit greenish. If your Hub's light looks pale green, you may need to add food! 
  • We've also found the dark blue indicator light looks a bit purpleish. If your Hub's light looks dark purple, it is most likely in Offline Mode.
  • We've also found the white indicator light appears a bit blueish or purpleish. If your Hub's light looks pale blue or pale purple, it should be online and ready to play!

Updated September 2017: 

  • If you use the food limiter feature in your app, the Hub's indicator light will turn orange once your dog has eaten his or her maximum number of kibbles. 
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