Almost any kibble or kibble-sized treat works in the Hub, as long as it's firm and dry. The maximum size of a single piece should be about 18 millimeters at its widest side
(about the size of a U.S. dime, or smaller). The Hub fills the dish by allowing a few pieces of food to fall through a small opening, so if the food you're using is large, sticky, or crumbly, it may not dispense properly.

Some kibble and treat brands that we've heard work well in the Hub are:

  • Zukes
  • Natural Balance
  • Blue Buffalo
  • Oliver Bentleys
  • Canidae Natural Pet Food Company
  • Fruitables Skinny Minis

If your dog isn’t into kibble, we recommend you chop up some carrots or throw in some Cheerios for a low-calorie snack. You may find that using freeze-dried food or treats works better for pups who are used to a raw food diet.

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